Palas 4 Science

P4 Science stands for
  • Flexibility in a wide range of measurement environments
  • Precision in particle distribution
  • Choice of different systems for aerosol generation, measurement and dilution in research facilities
  • Years of expertise in particle measurement technology
  • Individual consulting for specific and individual measurement tasks


Generation of test particles of approx. 0,001 μm– 100.000 nm
Case Studies
  • Filter industry:
    • Car interior filters
    • ASHRAE room air filters
    • Engine air filters
    • Respiratory filters
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Generation of tracer particles
  • Flow visualization
  • Aerosol research
Case Studies
  • Calibration of PMP measurement chain
  • Calibration of particle measurement devices
  • Calibration of sampling lines
  • Production of nano particles
  • Inhalation exploration
  • Toxicology
Case Studies
  • Filter industry:
    • Determination of fractional separation efficiency
    • Determination of total separation efficiency
    • Long-term dusting
    • Filter media and ready-made filters
    • Dust removal filters
    • Vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner filters
    • Car interior filters
    • Engine air filters
  • Calibration of particle measurement devices
  • Flow visualization
  • Inhalation tests
  • Tracer particles for LDA, PIV, etc.
  • Coating of surfaces
Precise measurement in different size ranges
Case Studies
  • Emission monitoring of installations
  • Control of grinding and classification processes
  • Monitoring of production processes in the food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries
  • Testing of complete filters, inertial and wet separators or electrostatic precipitators
Case Studies
  • Filter test
  • Aerosol research
  • Environmental and climatic studies
  • Inhalation experiments
  • Interior and workplace measurements
Case Studies
  • Aerosol research
  • Testing of filters and air purifiers
  • Environmental measurements
  • Occupational exposure and workplace safety studies
  • Inhalation and health effects studies
  • Process monitoring
  • Printer emission studies
Case Studies
  • Separation efficiency determination of automotive cabin air filters, engine air filters, ambient air filters, compressed air filters, vacuum cleaner filters, cleanable filters, electrostatic precipitators, oil separators, cooling lubricant separators, wet separators, cyclones, and other separators
  • Isothermal and isobaric particle size and quantity determination, e.g., in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries
  • Investigation of fast, transient processes
  • Test of smoke detectors
  • Particle measurement for cloud formation
  • Emission measurements
  • Breathing function: inhalate / exhalate (particle size and number)
Particle transport and dispersion in the indoor and outdoor atmosphere
Case Studies
  • Industry: production processes, bulk material handling (mixing, discharge, storage, packaging, etc.), fenceline monitoring
  • Construction sites: roads, railroads, demolition sites
  • Buildings: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, offices, public service buildings,
  • Residential buildings near construction sites or other polluted areas
  • Public transportation: airports, train stations, tramway & underground stations, cruise ships, passenger cabins, e.g., in trams, train
Case Studies
  • Regulatory pollution control in monitoring networks
  • Ambient air monitoring campaigns
  • Long-term studies
  • Emission source attribution
  • Emission dispersion studies (e.g. fires, volcanoes)
Case Studies
  • Fine dust monitoring at alternating locations or in movement
  • Air quality monitoring indoors, at the workplace, or inside vehicles
  • Use as an aerosol spectrometer in setups where space is limited
Dilution systems for large droplets up to 10 μm
Case Studies
  • Measurement of blow-by aerosols according to ISO 17536
  • Dilution of compressed air
  • Measurement of cooling lubricant aerosols
Case Studies
  • Measurement of blow-by aerosols according to ISO 17536
  • Dilution of compressed air
  • Measurement of cooling lubricant aerosols

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